Russ Wicks - Founder

Russ Wicks is the only living person to hold world speed records over 200 MPH on land and water.  He has been featured on ESPN, Speed TV, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel; included in the Guinness World Records Book; and also appeared on the cover of WIRED Magazine.

As an experienced businessman, Russ Wicks created and implemented marketing and business development programs for leading corporations, including Autodesk, Chrysler, EDS, and Hewlett-Packard.

Wicks has focused on developing several revolutionary speed record vehicles.  This included working with some of the world's top engineers.

Jonathan Lim - Principal

Jonathan Lim founded the Romar Group in Singapore in 1984 manufacturing automation equipment for welding.  He is also the Chairman and Vice Chairman of several listed companies in both Singapore and Australia.

Dr. Roger Gallington - Aerodynamicist

Neil Hannemann - Program Manager

Derk Hartland - Engineering Director

Todd Putnam - Senior Powertrain Engineer

Joe Scarbo - Senior Design Engineer

Glen Knabenshue - Fabrication Engineer

John Ward - Engineering Consultant

Mac Yousry - DOT & EPA Certification

Clive Hawkins - Product Development, President of Aria Group

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